The True Story Of  "The Gentleman Bandit" 

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THE TRUE STORY THAT INSPIRED "THE REVENANT!"   In  1817, Hugh Glass was living the life of a merchant seaman.  His world changed forever when his ship was captured and he was given the choice to join a pirate crew or die!  From that time on his life became an adventure that ranged from the edges of the Caribbean to the heart of the American wilderness!  He eventually escaped from the pirates' stronghold off of Galveston Island, only to be recaptured again, this time by Pawnee Indians...

Glass lived with the Pawnees for four years before returning to civilization.  Unable to return the the sea, he joined the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, where he would face his greatest trial yet--  Mauled by an enraged grizzly, then robbed and left to die alone and defenseless by his comrades, hundreds of miles from civilization!


When rancher Tom Allison discovers that one of his one-thousand pound longhorn steers has been taken down and pulled across a rocky hillside, he thinks it had to have been done by a bear--probably a large grizzly.  But the track he finds is that of a cat--a four hundred-pound cat!

Tom thinks he's found the Granddaddy of all mountain lions!

Set in the rugged foothills of the Sierra Nevada, this story takes place in a time when, according to the Sacramento Zoo, Jaguars really were native to California!

A STORY OF HORROR AND MAGICK!  When Dani Sorle's car breaks down along the rugged Mendocino coast, she and her six-year old daughter are forced to walk.  They soon find themselves running for their lives as something unseen chases them along the darkened road. Little could Dani know that a series of violent and horrifying disappearances have begun to take place there...

Napa Valley Private Investigator Sam Bass is sent to Mendocino to look for two missing children.  What he finds there will cause him to question his own sanity, and his actions will determine the fate of the entire world.

Jackson Leeds is a Napa Valley Winemaker whose late ex-wife haunts his dreams.  The dreams are sometimes steamy, but just as often unhappy.  Leeds is also very strongly attracted to a woman that works for him at the winery, but denies the attraction because she works for him.  One night he awakens in a panic.  In a dream, his late ex-wife scolded him: "If you'd just given the woman what she wanted, she wouldn't be out right now, getting herself killed!"

So begins a waking nightmare, where Jackson becomes a "Person Of Interest" not only for the police, but for the killers as well, and the only person giving him information is a woman who has been dead for years...